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Advantages of working with a recruiter who specializes

Choosing and Working With a Specialized Recruiting Firm

Whether you are a hiring manager in the logistics industry or a job seeker specifically looking for positions in logistics or supply chain, choosing a recruiter that will meet your needs for the duration of your search can be a tough decision. Choosing a recruiter that specializes in one industry is often a good way to go, as they can tailor their recruitment and interviewing efforts to your needs more easily. Specialized recruiters also have a more in-depth understanding of the industry that they specialize in and the unique needs that the industry requires for success.

Relevant and Qualified Candidates

Specialized recruiters typically focus on one industry, allowing them to only source candidates with experience that is relevant to that industry. This creates a unique talent pool to draw from, as they are not trying to slot candidates into positions whose background or experience does not lend itself well to the industry.

A focus on one industry also allows recruiters to be more selective of the candidates that they onboard and allows for a focus on the soft skills that many firms with a broader scope of business tend to overlook. This individualized attention to each candidate allows for the development of a well-rounded individual, and it provides an opportunity to get to know the candidate and what type of position they would be uniquely qualified for.

Understanding the Industry’s Unique Needs

Every industry is different, and not all job skills apply universally across industries. Choosing a recruiting firm that specializes in one industry means that they will understand the unique needs of that industry. Working with a company that recognizes the needs of the industry and what skills will best fit with any particular job within that industry helps to streamline the search process so everyone involved avoids wasting valuable time wading through jobs or candidates that are obviously not going to be a good fit.

For example, if you are a supply chain manager, having skills such as project management, knowledge of lean principles and strategy development and execution are all desirable traits in a highly-qualified candidate. Specialized recruiting firms will not only understand these bullet points on a resume, but they will be able to ask questions that encourage a candidate to demonstrate their knowledge in a workable way.

High-Quality Talent Network

Specialized and niche recruiting firms have the advantage when building a high-quality talent pool. Since they are focusing on a singular industry, this allows them to source candidates and offer services only within that industry. This creates a deep pool of talent that reflects those skills and abilities most needed in their industry of choice and allows for sourcing qualified candidates more easily based on the needs of a company within the industry.

Sourcing candidates for highly competitive high-level positions within logistics requires building relationships with those candidates even when they are not currently job seeking. Building these relationships allows the specialized recruiter to call on these individuals when a position that they closely match becomes available, whether they are actively looking or not. This allows potential employers to gain access to candidates that they otherwise might not.

Skill Development and Career Guidance

In addition to providing a strong knowledge base and candidate pool, specialized recruiters have a unique opportunity to provide job seekers with career guidance and advice on developing their career path. They are also able to counsel employers on employee growth and development thanks to their intimate knowledge of the industry. These skills are invaluable to both job seekers and employers.

Whether you’re posting a position or on the hunt for one, working with a specialized recruiting firm will allow you to move forward with confidence.

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